Mapping PIDs from parent->child namespaces

Daniel Lezcano daniel.lezcano at
Tue Jan 4 08:04:43 PST 2011

On 01/04/2011 12:02 AM, Mike Heffner wrote:
> Hi,
> Is it possible for a process running in a parent PID namespace to map
> the PID of a process running in a child's namespace from the
> parent->child's namespace? For example, if I span the process "myproc"
> with CLONE_NEWPID then a call to getpid() inside myproc will return "1"
> whereas in the parent's namespace that process could actually be PID
> "23495". I'd like to be able to know that 23495 maps to 1 in the new NS.
> Obviously, just mapping the first PID is straightforward since I can
> just look at the result of clone(). However, mapping the PIDs of
> processes subsequently forked from "myproc" -- in this example -- I
> haven't been able to figure out.

AFAIK, it is not possible.

That would be very nice to show the pid <-> vpid association.

The procfs is a good candidate to show these informations.

That would makes sense to show the content of /proc/<pid>/status with 
the pid relatively to the namespace.

Let me give an example:

Assuming the process '1234' creates a new pid namespace, and the child 
which is '1' in the new namespace has the real pid '4321'. This one 
mounts its /proc.

If the process '1234' looks at /proc/4321/root/proc/1/status, it sees:

Tgid:	1
Pid:	1
PPid:	0

It could be:

Tgid:	4321
Pid:	4321
PPid:	1234

as the file is inspected from the parent namespace. Of course, if the 
file is looked from the child namespace context, we will see '1', '1' 
and '0'.

I suppose the patch in the kernel should very small also.

Thoughts ?

   -- Daniel

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