linux-cr: v23-rc1 pushed

Oren Laadan orenl at
Mon Jan 10 17:18:12 PST 2011


I just pushed out a new v23-rc1 branch of linux-cr. This one is
rebased to 2.6.37, and contains nearly all the patches pulled
on v22-dev. I only gave it a brief test drive... feel free to 
throw all your ammo it.

Rebasing was fairly straightforward, but I'd feel more comfortable 
with more eyes looking at some code, specifically:

userns [Serge ?]
sockets [Dan ?]
cgroup_freezer [Matt ?]

I skipped PowerPC patches and ARM patches. Nathan, Christoffer -
can you take a look at those, respectively, and re-post to list ?

For the "final" v23, I'm hoping to add at least the logic for
unlinked files and inotify-and-friends; so now is probably a
good time to start circulating them ... (hint!)

There are some updates and fixes to user-cr too, mainly pulling
(and reworking) suka's old cleanup patches, and updating the
include files.

I also pulled and reworked Suka's patches for file-locks, and 
Nathan's patches for hugetlb - will post those seperately.

Happy New Year,


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