Atomically changing NIC dev name + namespace ?

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Mon Aug 6 13:34:15 UTC 2012

Quoting Daniel P. Berrange (berrange at
> Another feature I'd like to provide in libvirt LXC is "hotplug" of NIC
> devices to containers.
> eg, I have a NIC eth1 in the host and I want to make it appear as eth0
> in the container. There are two ways I can do this
>   # ip link set eth1 name eth0
>   # ip link set eth0 ns $PID
> Or
>   # ip link set eth1 ns $PID
>   # setns --net $PID  (assume it opens /proc/$PID/ns/net & does setns(fd))
>   # ip link set eth1 name eth0
> Both these approaches suffer from flaws though. The first approach fails
> on step one, if there is already another NIC in the host, that has the
> same name as the target we want to use in the container. The second
> approach fails on step 1 if there is already a NIC in the container
> which has the same name as the original device on the host.
> To get around this, we'd basically need to temporarily use a completely
> random NIC name eg
>   # ip link set eth1 name $RANDOMNAME
>   # ip link set $RANDOMNAME ns $PID
>   # setns --net $PID  (assume it opens /proc/$PID/ns/net & does setns(fd))
>   # ip link set $RANDOMNAME name eth0
> This is workable, but feels slightly unpleasant.  So IMHO if would be

Yes, it feels racy.  I assume 'ip' will give a helpful error if RANDOMNAME
happens to be already taken though.

> desirable if the kernel allowed us to atomically change the NIC device
> name and namespace at the same time. eg
>   # ip link set eth1 name eth0 ns $PID

An alternative would be to encode the above logic in the ip program
itself, but not the kernel.  I think that's the way to go.  We don't
want every user of this to have to do the ugly steps, but I don't
know that this quite justifies kernel help.

> Although that 'ip' CLI syntax is allowed, it appears to implement it in
> two steps, doing the rename first and then setting the namespace, so you
> still hit the NIC name clash problem.
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> Daniel
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