Linux C/R: VNC server/Xterm checkpoint/recovery

Muralidhar, Rajeev D rajeev.d.muralidhar at
Tue Aug 28 08:26:14 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I got started with the information on 

I installed the linux-cr.git tree, compiled & have that ready. 

For CR-tools, I got all the required packages, but I am not able to compile crtools. This is the error I am seeing. Can someone pls let me know why I am getting this error?

rdmurali at ubuntu:~/Linux-CR/crtools$ make
  PROTOBUF inventory.pb-c.c
  CC       inventory.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF fdinfo.pb-c.c
  CC       fdinfo.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF fown.pb-c.c
  CC       fown.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF regfile.pb-c.c
  CC       regfile.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF ghost-file.pb-c.c
  CC       ghost-file.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF fifo.pb-c.c
  CC       fifo.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF remap-file-path.pb-c.c
  CC       remap-file-path.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF eventfd.pb-c.c
  CC       eventfd.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF eventpoll.pb-c.c
  CC       eventpoll.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF fh.pb-c.c
  CC       fh.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF inotify.pb-c.c
  CC       inotify.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF signalfd.pb-c.c
  CC       signalfd.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF fs.pb-c.c
  CC       fs.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF pstree.pb-c.c
  CC       pstree.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF pipe.pb-c.c
  CC       pipe.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF tcp-stream.pb-c.c
  CC       tcp-stream.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF sk-packet.pb-c.c
  CC       sk-packet.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF mnt.pb-c.c
  CC       mnt.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF pipe-data.pb-c.c
  CC       pipe-data.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF sa.pb-c.c
  CC       sa.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF itimer.pb-c.c
  CC       itimer.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF mm.pb-c.c
  CC       mm.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF sk-opts.pb-c.c
  CC       sk-opts.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF sk-unix.pb-c.c
  CC       sk-unix.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF sk-inet.pb-c.c
  CC       sk-inet.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF packet-sock.pb-c.c
  CC       packet-sock.pb-c.o
packet-sock.pb-c.c: In function 'packet_sock_entry__init':
packet-sock.pb-c.c:98: warning: this decimal constant is unsigned only in ISO C90
packet-sock.pb-c.c: At top level:
packet-sock.pb-c.c:318: warning: this decimal constant is unsigned only in ISO C90
  PROTOBUF ipc-var.pb-c.c
  CC       ipc-var.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF ipc-desc.pb-c.c
  CC       ipc-desc.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF ipc-shm.pb-c.c
  CC       ipc-shm.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF ipc-msg.pb-c.c
  CC       ipc-msg.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF ipc-sem.pb-c.c
  CC       ipc-sem.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF utsns.pb-c.c
  CC       utsns.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF creds.pb-c.c
  CC       creds.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF vma.pb-c.c
  CC       vma.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF core.pb-c.c
  CC       core.pb-c.o
  PROTOBUF netdev.pb-c.c
  CC       netdev.pb-c.o
  LINK     protobuf-lib.o
  GEN      syscall-x86-64.S
  CC       syscall-x86-64.o
syscall-common-x86-64.S: Assembler messages:
syscall-common-x86-64.S:13: Error: bad register name `%rcx'
make[1]: *** [syscall-x86-64.o] Error 1
make: *** [pie] Error 2


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> Hi,
> Any help on this? 
> Thanks
> Rajeev
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> HI all,
> I am a newbie to Linux C/R. Can someone please tell me if I can checkpoint and restart VNC sessions with Linux C/R? what is the easiest way to test this out? Also, if the VNC session was running Xterms, will they be restored with Linux C/R? 
> Thanks,
> Rajeev
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