[PATCHSET] cgroup: implement task_cgroup_path_from_hierarchy()

Li Zefan lizefan at huawei.com
Mon Apr 15 03:43:55 UTC 2013

On 2013/4/15 2:36, Tejun Heo wrote:
> kdbus folks want a sane way to determine the cgroup path that a given
> task belongs to on a given hierarchy, which is a reasonble thing to
> expect from cgroup core.
> This patchset make hierarchy_id allocation use idr instead of ida and
> implement task_cgroup_path_from_hierarchy().  In the process, the
> yucky ida cyclic allocation is replaced with idr_alloc_cyclic().
>  0001-cgroup-refactor-hierarchy_id-handling.patch
>  0002-cgroup-drop-hierarchy_id_lock.patch
>  0003-cgroup-make-hierarchy_id-use-cyclic-idr.patch
>  0004-cgroup-implement-task_cgroup_path_from_hierarchy.patch
> 0001-0002 prepare for conversion to idr, which 0003 does.
> 0004 implements the new function.

Acked-by: Li Zefan <lizefan at huawei.com>

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