Remittance/Foreign Operations Dept Central Bank of Nigeria

Dr. Mohammed Kamran mohammedkamran1971 at
Mon Oct 27 13:30:40 UTC 2014

Attn: Beneficiary,

We want to officially notify you that your funds approved only US$10 Million, being part payment for your Overdue Inheritance/Contract entitlements has been programmed to be transferred to a Bank Account in the USA, following series of documents tendered by your Representative Mr. David L. Nielsen, and your Attorney Barrister John George, of J. George & Associates.

They have presented a "Power of Attorney" duly signed by you in which it was clearly stated that due to some inevitable circumstances beyond
your control (ILL HEALTH) that you will not be able to finalize this payment yourself, thus appointing Mr. D.L. Nielsen to act on your
behalf. All transfer documents have been forwarded to the office of the Minister for Finance for final endorsement and are mandated to be concluded in a few days from now.

As a matter of urgency, we need a re-confirmation from you if the said Man and Attorney are your True Representatives before we proceed to
issue final payment release order. Find below the account information they have presented for the transfer;

A/C Name: Blue Bell Realty, Inc.,
Bank: JP Morgan Chase Bank,
1 Chase Manhattan Plaza,
New York , NY.10081
Bank Routing #:021000021
A/C #:227863934766

We look forward to your swift response.

Dr.  Mohammed Kamran
Executive Director,
Remittance/Foreign Operations Dept,
Central Bank of Nigeria.

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