[v12 0/5] ext4: add project quota support

Jan Kara jack at suse.cz
Tue Apr 14 08:21:15 UTC 2015

On Sun 12-04-15 17:36:53, Alban Crequy wrote:
> On 9 April 2015 at 17:14, Li Xi <pkuelelixi at gmail.com> wrote:
> > The following patches propose an implementation of project quota
> > support for ext4. A project is an aggregate of unrelated inodes
> > which might scatter in different directories. Inodes that belong
> > to the same project possess an identical identification i.e.
> > 'project ID', just like every inode has its user/group
> > identification. The following patches add project quota as
> > supplement to the former uer/group quota types.
> > (...)
> Thanks for this work, I would like to use this for containers. I am
> adding containers at lists.linux-foundation.org in Cc.
> To make sure I understand correctly, I will describe the configuration
> I have in mind and hopefully someone can tell me if it makes sense.
> Containers created by rkt (https://github.com/coreos/rkt) use an
> overlay filesystem as root and the lowerdir/upperdir directories are
> based on an ext4 filesystem outside of the container's reach. The
> lowerdir is the base image, and several container instances can
> potentially use the same lowerdir. Each container has its upperdir
> containing their changes.
> With your patch set, I could assign a different projid to the upperdir
> of each container with a specific quota. Then it will limit how much
> the container will be able to write. I don't know if the overlay's
> workdir would need to have projid too.
  I don't think overlay's workdir needs project id. Limits will be simply
checked when storing data into upperdir by overlayfs. Overlayfs will get
EDQUOT which it will report back into the user.

> When a quota warning is sent on netlink, it is received only in the
> initial user namespace and the processes in a different user namespace
> will not be able to receive the netlink warnings. The user will only
> receive a warning through the control terminal.
  So I don't know much about namespaces but I don't see how quota netlink
messages would be connected with *user* namespaces. But you are right that
quota netlink messages will contain ID of the violator mapped into init
user namespace so it won't make sense to processes in other user namespaces
even if they were able to receive it.

> Since rkt does not use user namespaces yet, a rkt container could
> unfortunately receive quota warnings through netlink concerning the
> host or other containers. Or is it restricted to init_net?
  Quota netlink messages are sent only in init_net namespace (since quota
netlink protocol wasn't made namespace aware). So this shouldn't be an
> quotactl() can be used in a rkt container if the proccesses in the
> container can guess somehow which block device is used by the
> filesystem hosting the overlay's upperdir and if they can mknod it
> somewhere. Usually, containers don't restrict mknod but just restrict
> read-write access through the device cgroup. The read-write access is
> irrelevant for quotactl(): quotactl() just check that the device node
> exists and that it is not on a nodev mount. The nodev check does not
> restrict containers here because they usually have a /dev mounted as
> tmpfs without the nodev option.
  Correct. This raises a somewhat unrelated question: Does this mean that a
container is able to mount arbitrary block device? Because also there we
just pass a device path to the kernel...

> Containers that don't use user namespaces (so no projid mapping) would
> be able to query quotas for projid assigned to other containers
> (unfortunately). They would be able to change the quota of other
> containers if they are privileged enough to be given CAP_SYS_RESOURCE.

> Containers using user namespaces would not be able to change any quota
> config because they don't have CAP_SYS_RESOURCE in the init user
> namespace. If they are configured with a proper projid mapping, they
> would only be able to query the projid they are assigned (they could
> guess which projid to query by looking at /proc/self/projid_map).

> Do you know if someone is working on the documentation? It would be
> nice if filesystems/quota.txt could say who can receive the quota
> warnings on netlink (which namespace) and if it could give some
  I have added that.

> information about projid. But maybe this belong to the proc(5) and
> user_namespaces(7) manpages as well.
  Project ID in VFS quotas is fairly new thing. Once ext4 gains support for
it, I can add some documentation.

> Is there any suggestions how to allocate projid in userspace?
> Something like /etc/subprojid similar to /etc/subuid?
  I guess you need some coordination between namespaces? I only know that
traditionally xfsprogs use /etc/projid for name->project id translation 
and /etc/projects contain roots of directory trees for which you wish to
maintain directory quota together with project ids for each of the trees.

Jan Kara <jack at suse.cz>

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