[Announce] Checkpoint-restore tool v1.6

Pavel Emelyanov xemul at parallels.com
Mon Jun 1 12:27:10 UTC 2015

Hi there!

The 1.6 is out, with POWER port (thanks to Laurent), many new stuff in
mountpoints management (thanks to Oleg, Tycho and Andrey) and lots of
bugfixes and other improvements all over the code.

Another big thing that has happened to CRIU, though not in the code,
is -- libcontainer integration. Kudos to Saied for making this heavy
lift, and to Ross for the help in making the pull req merged!

And some boring note as a wrap up -- the "criu show" action is about to
be removed in 1.7 (in 3 months), in 1.6 it will warn you about it.

The full change-log is http://criu.org/Download/criu/1.6
Sources are here: http://download.openvz.org/criu/criu-1.6.tar.bz2

-- Pavel

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