Container mini-summit at Linux Plumbers 2015

Stéphane Graber stgraber at
Thu Jun 4 16:13:37 UTC 2015

Hello everyone,

As usual, there will be a containers mini-summit this year at the Linux
Plumbers Conference.

LPC 2015 will be happening from Aug 19th to Aug 21st in Seattle, WA.

More details on LPC can be found at:

We're currently looking for speakers for the mini-summit, so if you'll
be attending Plumbers and have something to show or discuss that's
container related, please send a talk proposal!


Topics of interest for this year include:
 - Status updates on the various container projects, what you've been up
   to, what you're busy working on, ...
 - Container security
 - Cooperation on things like image format
 - Device passthrough/namespacing

Note that checkpoint/restore has a dedicated mini-summit this year, so
you may want to attend it and submit stuff there too.

The mini-summit only lasts a few hours, so we tend to prefer short
presentations, ideally demos with time left for questions and
discussions. The standard time allocation is 10 minutes for your
talk/demo and 5 minutes of question. More time can be requested and will
be allowed if we're short on speakers.

Note that LPC DOES NOT provide free attendance to all mini-conferences
speakers, we have a limited number of passes (3) which we can hand over
to attendees who can't get their LPC registration to be paid by their

For those of you who are planning to attend anyway, note that early bird
prices end TODAY, so hurry up to save on registration prices.

Please forward this e-mail to your respective projects mailing-list and
don't hesitate to contact us (Brandon Philips, Kirill Kolyshkin and myself)
if you have any question.

Looking forward to seeing a bunch of you in Seattle!

Stéphane Graber
Ubuntu developer
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