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Sat May 23 04:25:28 UTC 2015

Dearfriends!Hopethisletterfindsyouwe=ll!MynameissnowfromZHANGJIAGANGCOFINEMACHINERCO.LTDCHINA.W=eareawasteplasticrecyclingmachinemanufacturer.Wecanoff=eryouthefollowingmachine,1.PE/PPfil=m/bagandsolidwashingline(200-1000KG/H)2.PETbottlewashing=line(300-2000KG/H).3.HDPE/PPbottlewashingline(300-2000KG/H)=.4.PE/PPfilm/baggranulatingline(100-600KG/H).5.PETb=ottleflakegranulatingline(100-500KG/H).6.PVC=/PS/ABSgranulatingline(100-600KG/H)7.Plasticshredderandcru=sher.Ourcompanyh=adproducethesemachinemorethan15yearsandhaveadvantagetechnic=alandrichexperienceaboutit.Allthedetailinformationplea=sevisitour . orcheck thevideoonyoutub=echeckhere.Ifyouar=einterestedinourmachine,pleaseletmeknow,Iwillsendyouquot=ationassoonaspossible.&nbs=p;BestregardsSnow
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   Dear friends !

   Hope this letter finds you well ! My name is snow from ZHANGJIAGANG
   COFINE MACHINER CO.LTD CHINA. We are a waste plastic recycling machine
   manufacturer .
   We can offer you the following machine,
   1.PE/PP film/bag and solid washing line (200-1000KG/H)
   2.PET bottle washing line(300-2000KG/H) .
   3.HDPE/PP bottle washing line (300-2000KG/H) .
   4.PE/PP film /bag granulating line(100-600KG/H) .
   5.PET bottle flake granulating line(100-500KG/H) .

   6.PVC/PS/ABS granulating line (100-600KG/H)
   7.Plastic shredder and crusher.
   Our company had produce these machine more than 15 years and have
   advantage technical and rich experience about it .
   All the detail information please visit our website
   [1] . or check  the video on youtube [2]check
   If you are interested in our machine ,please let me know , I will send
   you quotation as soon as possible .
   Best regards


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