pidns: Make pid accounting and pid_max per namespace

Zhang Haoyu yuzhou at
Sat Oct 10 04:46:27 UTC 2015

On 10/10/15 12:40, Zhang Haoyu wrote:
> On 10/10/15 11:35, Zefan Li wrote:
>> On 2015/10/9 18:29, Zhang Haoyu wrote:
>>> I started multiple docker containers in centos6.6(linux-2.6.32-504.16.2),
>>> and there's one bad program was running in one container.
>>> This program produced many child threads continuously without free, so more and
>>> more pid numbers were consumed by this program, until hitting the pix_max limit (32768
>>> default in my system ).
>>> What's worse is that containers and host share the pid numbers resource, so new program
>>> cannot be produced any more in host and other containers.
>>> And, I clone the upstream kernel source from
>>> This problem is still there, I'm not sure.
>>> IMO, we should isolate the pid accounting and pid_max between pid namespaces,
>>> and make them per pidns.
>>> Below post had request for making pid_max per pidns.
>> Mainline kernel already supports per-cgroup pid limit, which should solve
>> your problem.
> What about pid accounting?
> If one pidns consume too many pids, dose it influence the other pid namespaces?
I found it, thanks very much.
> Thanks,
> Zhang Haoyu

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