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Afshur Basir ashrafbasit2016 at
Sat Dec 17 17:36:14 UTC 2016

Hello Sir, I know we have not met before or have any prior contact with
each other but this is very important and I am hoping that you can at least
take your time to read my message carefully. My name is Ashraf Basit, I am
contacting you from the crisis torn country of Syria. I am contacting you
because I have a proposal that I think may interest you. I represent the
interest of my brother in-law who is a minister in the Syrian Government.
As you probably know, there is a lot of crisis going on currently in Syria
and my brother in-law has fallen out with the ruling Government and the
president because he publicly opposed the war and the irresponsible
killings of innocent citizens especially children. Now the president and
his allies and trying to silence anybody opposing his war policies. They
have been arresting all the poitical leaders in the country that do not
support this war. Due to this situation, my brother in-law has asked me to
help him find a foreign investor that can help him secure and invest his
assets that he has in Europe. He wants to do this privately and discretely
so that if anything should happen to him, the future of his family can be
secured. I cannot go through regular channels due to the confidential
nature of this proposal. I got your contact details from an online business
directory and I hope you can help us. Please note that this proposal will
be executed in a legal manner and it will not bring any risk to you or your
family. My brother in-law has also promised to compensate you handsomely
for your role in this transaction.

He wants this to be done discretely so I will be acting as his eyes and
ears during the course of this transaction.

I have intentionally left some vital details out of this proposal to
protect our interest. If you indicate your intetest, I will then be able to
give you all the necessary details.

I hope to hear from you soon and hope we can work together successfully on
this proposal.



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