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Rahul Yadav rahul.x.yadav at oracle.com
Tue Dec 12 17:37:37 UTC 2017

Gentle reminder for following email.



Hi All,

I have been working on drafting a library which will provide APIs to get
system resource information to applications. I have been in touch with
Serge and Christian and think the requirements and motivation for the
library matches with the libresource project, so I am sending out on
this email list.

I am attaching a draft of the interfaces which I am thinking of exposing
to applications. With that I also am attaching another document which
lists resource information which will be exported by the library. I
request you all to please go through it and let me know your comments on
the APIs and on the resource information list. Primary consumers are
oracle DB and few other observability tools which fetch system
information to assess system health. As you would notice resource
information list can be extended easily.

I have a prototype ready but a most of the coding is still to be done. I
will need your help and contribution in code/document review in future
as well.


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