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Tue Aug 20 22:26:30 UTC 2019

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Good day to you,

I am Mrs. Marilyn Oconnor. I have suffered maltreatment and hardship in the hands of my late husband's relatives since the death of my husband with my son in a car crash. By tradition, all that my late husband had, [wealth] belongs to his brothers/family. I am to be remarried by his immediate younger brother which I vehemently refused. They have ceased all that I laboured with my husband to acquire including treasures, houses and his bank documents.
I have suffered cancer of the oesophagus for almost 7 years, my health is very bad and the doctor said i dont have much time to live. My late husband deposited some money with a security company. It has therefore become very necessary and urgent to contact someone, a foreigner like you to help me receive/secure these deposit. Let me know if you can handle this by responding to this email.
Stay blessed.
Marilyn Oconnor

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