[PATCH v5 2/3] pid: Introduce pidfd_getfd syscall

kbuild test robot lkp at intel.com
Tue Dec 24 11:09:00 UTC 2019

Hi Sargun,

Thank you for the patch! Yet something to improve:

[auto build test ERROR on kselftest/next]
[also build test ERROR on arm64/for-next/core linus/master v5.5-rc3]
[cannot apply to tip/x86/asm next-20191220]
[if your patch is applied to the wrong git tree, please drop us a note to help
improve the system. BTW, we also suggest to use '--base' option to specify the
base tree in git format-patch, please see https://stackoverflow.com/a/37406982]

url:    https://github.com/0day-ci/linux/commits/Sargun-Dhillon/Add-pidfd_getfd-syscall/20191224-061915
base:   https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/shuah/linux-kselftest.git next
config: i386-randconfig-a001-20191224 (attached as .config)
compiler: gcc-4.9 (Debian 4.9.2-10+deb8u1) 4.9.2
        # save the attached .config to linux build tree
        make ARCH=i386 

If you fix the issue, kindly add following tag
Reported-by: kbuild test robot <lkp at intel.com>

All errors (new ones prefixed by >>):

   In file included from drivers//ptp/ptp_clock.c:16:0:
>> include/linux/syscalls.h:1006:13: error: unknown type name 'usize'
        size_t, usize);

vim +/usize +1006 include/linux/syscalls.h

   865	/* mm/, CONFIG_MMU only */
   866	asmlinkage long sys_swapon(const char __user *specialfile, int swap_flags);
   867	asmlinkage long sys_swapoff(const char __user *specialfile);
   868	asmlinkage long sys_mprotect(unsigned long start, size_t len,
   869					unsigned long prot);
   870	asmlinkage long sys_msync(unsigned long start, size_t len, int flags);
   871	asmlinkage long sys_mlock(unsigned long start, size_t len);
   872	asmlinkage long sys_munlock(unsigned long start, size_t len);
   873	asmlinkage long sys_mlockall(int flags);
   874	asmlinkage long sys_munlockall(void);
   875	asmlinkage long sys_mincore(unsigned long start, size_t len,
   876					unsigned char __user * vec);
   877	asmlinkage long sys_madvise(unsigned long start, size_t len, int behavior);
   878	asmlinkage long sys_remap_file_pages(unsigned long start, unsigned long size,
   879				unsigned long prot, unsigned long pgoff,
   880				unsigned long flags);
   881	asmlinkage long sys_mbind(unsigned long start, unsigned long len,
   882					unsigned long mode,
   883					const unsigned long __user *nmask,
   884					unsigned long maxnode,
   885					unsigned flags);
   886	asmlinkage long sys_get_mempolicy(int __user *policy,
   887					unsigned long __user *nmask,
   888					unsigned long maxnode,
   889					unsigned long addr, unsigned long flags);
   890	asmlinkage long sys_set_mempolicy(int mode, const unsigned long __user *nmask,
   891					unsigned long maxnode);
   892	asmlinkage long sys_migrate_pages(pid_t pid, unsigned long maxnode,
   893					const unsigned long __user *from,
   894					const unsigned long __user *to);
   895	asmlinkage long sys_move_pages(pid_t pid, unsigned long nr_pages,
   896					const void __user * __user *pages,
   897					const int __user *nodes,
   898					int __user *status,
   899					int flags);
   901	asmlinkage long sys_rt_tgsigqueueinfo(pid_t tgid, pid_t  pid, int sig,
   902			siginfo_t __user *uinfo);
   903	asmlinkage long sys_perf_event_open(
   904			struct perf_event_attr __user *attr_uptr,
   905			pid_t pid, int cpu, int group_fd, unsigned long flags);
   906	asmlinkage long sys_accept4(int, struct sockaddr __user *, int __user *, int);
   907	asmlinkage long sys_recvmmsg(int fd, struct mmsghdr __user *msg,
   908				     unsigned int vlen, unsigned flags,
   909				     struct __kernel_timespec __user *timeout);
   910	asmlinkage long sys_recvmmsg_time32(int fd, struct mmsghdr __user *msg,
   911				     unsigned int vlen, unsigned flags,
   912				     struct old_timespec32 __user *timeout);
   914	asmlinkage long sys_wait4(pid_t pid, int __user *stat_addr,
   915					int options, struct rusage __user *ru);
   916	asmlinkage long sys_prlimit64(pid_t pid, unsigned int resource,
   917					const struct rlimit64 __user *new_rlim,
   918					struct rlimit64 __user *old_rlim);
   919	asmlinkage long sys_fanotify_init(unsigned int flags, unsigned int event_f_flags);
   920	asmlinkage long sys_fanotify_mark(int fanotify_fd, unsigned int flags,
   921					  u64 mask, int fd,
   922					  const char  __user *pathname);
   923	asmlinkage long sys_name_to_handle_at(int dfd, const char __user *name,
   924					      struct file_handle __user *handle,
   925					      int __user *mnt_id, int flag);
   926	asmlinkage long sys_open_by_handle_at(int mountdirfd,
   927					      struct file_handle __user *handle,
   928					      int flags);
   929	asmlinkage long sys_clock_adjtime(clockid_t which_clock,
   930					struct __kernel_timex __user *tx);
   931	asmlinkage long sys_clock_adjtime32(clockid_t which_clock,
   932					struct old_timex32 __user *tx);
   933	asmlinkage long sys_syncfs(int fd);
   934	asmlinkage long sys_setns(int fd, int nstype);
   935	asmlinkage long sys_pidfd_open(pid_t pid, unsigned int flags);
   936	asmlinkage long sys_sendmmsg(int fd, struct mmsghdr __user *msg,
   937				     unsigned int vlen, unsigned flags);
   938	asmlinkage long sys_process_vm_readv(pid_t pid,
   939					     const struct iovec __user *lvec,
   940					     unsigned long liovcnt,
   941					     const struct iovec __user *rvec,
   942					     unsigned long riovcnt,
   943					     unsigned long flags);
   944	asmlinkage long sys_process_vm_writev(pid_t pid,
   945					      const struct iovec __user *lvec,
   946					      unsigned long liovcnt,
   947					      const struct iovec __user *rvec,
   948					      unsigned long riovcnt,
   949					      unsigned long flags);
   950	asmlinkage long sys_kcmp(pid_t pid1, pid_t pid2, int type,
   951				 unsigned long idx1, unsigned long idx2);
   952	asmlinkage long sys_finit_module(int fd, const char __user *uargs, int flags);
   953	asmlinkage long sys_sched_setattr(pid_t pid,
   954						struct sched_attr __user *attr,
   955						unsigned int flags);
   956	asmlinkage long sys_sched_getattr(pid_t pid,
   957						struct sched_attr __user *attr,
   958						unsigned int size,
   959						unsigned int flags);
   960	asmlinkage long sys_renameat2(int olddfd, const char __user *oldname,
   961				      int newdfd, const char __user *newname,
   962				      unsigned int flags);
   963	asmlinkage long sys_seccomp(unsigned int op, unsigned int flags,
   964				    void __user *uargs);
   965	asmlinkage long sys_getrandom(char __user *buf, size_t count,
   966				      unsigned int flags);
   967	asmlinkage long sys_memfd_create(const char __user *uname_ptr, unsigned int flags);
   968	asmlinkage long sys_bpf(int cmd, union bpf_attr *attr, unsigned int size);
   969	asmlinkage long sys_execveat(int dfd, const char __user *filename,
   970				const char __user *const __user *argv,
   971				const char __user *const __user *envp, int flags);
   972	asmlinkage long sys_userfaultfd(int flags);
   973	asmlinkage long sys_membarrier(int cmd, int flags);
   974	asmlinkage long sys_mlock2(unsigned long start, size_t len, int flags);
   975	asmlinkage long sys_copy_file_range(int fd_in, loff_t __user *off_in,
   976					    int fd_out, loff_t __user *off_out,
   977					    size_t len, unsigned int flags);
   978	asmlinkage long sys_preadv2(unsigned long fd, const struct iovec __user *vec,
   979				    unsigned long vlen, unsigned long pos_l, unsigned long pos_h,
   980				    rwf_t flags);
   981	asmlinkage long sys_pwritev2(unsigned long fd, const struct iovec __user *vec,
   982				    unsigned long vlen, unsigned long pos_l, unsigned long pos_h,
   983				    rwf_t flags);
   984	asmlinkage long sys_pkey_mprotect(unsigned long start, size_t len,
   985					  unsigned long prot, int pkey);
   986	asmlinkage long sys_pkey_alloc(unsigned long flags, unsigned long init_val);
   987	asmlinkage long sys_pkey_free(int pkey);
   988	asmlinkage long sys_statx(int dfd, const char __user *path, unsigned flags,
   989				  unsigned mask, struct statx __user *buffer);
   990	asmlinkage long sys_rseq(struct rseq __user *rseq, uint32_t rseq_len,
   991				 int flags, uint32_t sig);
   992	asmlinkage long sys_open_tree(int dfd, const char __user *path, unsigned flags);
   993	asmlinkage long sys_move_mount(int from_dfd, const char __user *from_path,
   994				       int to_dfd, const char __user *to_path,
   995				       unsigned int ms_flags);
   996	asmlinkage long sys_fsopen(const char __user *fs_name, unsigned int flags);
   997	asmlinkage long sys_fsconfig(int fs_fd, unsigned int cmd, const char __user *key,
   998				     const void __user *value, int aux);
   999	asmlinkage long sys_fsmount(int fs_fd, unsigned int flags, unsigned int ms_flags);
  1000	asmlinkage long sys_fspick(int dfd, const char __user *path, unsigned int flags);
  1001	asmlinkage long sys_pidfd_send_signal(int pidfd, int sig,
  1002					       siginfo_t __user *info,
  1003					       unsigned int flags);
  1004	asmlinkage long sys_pidfd_getfd(int pidfd, int fd,
  1005					struct pidfd_getfd_options __user *options,
> 1006					size_t, usize);

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