[PATCH v17 08/13] namei: LOOKUP_BENEATH: O_BENEATH-like scoped resolution

Aleksa Sarai cyphar at cyphar.com
Mon Nov 25 06:03:48 UTC 2019

On 2019-11-25, Al Viro <viro at zeniv.linux.org.uk> wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 17, 2019 at 12:17:08PM +1100, Aleksa Sarai wrote:
> > +	if (unlikely(nd->flags & LOOKUP_IS_SCOPED)) {
> > +		/*
> > +		 * Do a final check to ensure that the path didn't escape. Note
> > +		 * that this should already be guaranteed by all of the other
> > +		 * LOOKUP_IS_SCOPED checks (and delaying this check this late
> > +		 * does open the door to some possible timing-based attacks).
> > +		 */
> > +		if (WARN_ON(!path_is_under(&nd->path, &nd->root)))
> > +			return -EXDEV;
> I don't like that.  What it gives is an ability to race that with
> rename(), with user-triggered WARN_ON.  You *can't* promise that result of
> lookup is in a subtree, simply because it can get moved just as you've
> declared it to be in the clear.
> 	Anyone who relies upon that is delusional; it really can't be done.
> What warranties LOOKUP_IS_SCOPED is really supposed to provide?  That we do not
> attempt to walk out of the subtree rooted at the start point?  Fine, but this
> is not what this test does.  What are you trying to achieve there?  If it's
> "what we'd got was at one point in our subtree", the test is more or less
> right, but WARN_ON isn't.

You're right that (looking at this again) this chunk doesn't make too
much sense -- though I still think it wouldn't be a bad idea to include
it without the WARN_ON.

The reason I added it was as an attempt to have a last-chance check to
make sure we don't hand out a file descriptor to userspace that is
outside nd->root as a result of some yet-unknown namei bug (hence the
WARN_ON). But you're quite right that I overlooked that user-space could
trigger this maliciously.

Regarding the warranties LOOKUP_IS_SCOPED is supposed to provide --
arguably the guarantee is meant to be "you never step outside the root
during lookup" but that should already be implemented with the
handle_dots() checks -- and it's not something you could easily check at
the end of a lookup anyway. The idea was that (if for some reason those
checks were bypassed), at the very least you wouldn't silently get a
file descriptor which is completely outside the root.

Looking at this again, I can see the argument that check this shouldn't
be done at all -- but I will admit that I feel more comfortable with the
guarantees of LOOKUP_IS_SCOPED if we had some kind of last-chance check
to avoid a privileged process opening /etc/shadow on the host. Then
again, libpathrs (which I assume will be the primary consumer of
LOOKUP_IN_ROOT) already does a double-check in userspace after getting
the file descriptor from openat2().

All of that being said, I'd be happy to drop it entirely if you feel
it's unnecessary.

Aleksa Sarai
Senior Software Engineer (Containers)
SUSE Linux GmbH
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