[PATCH ghak90 V8 07/16] audit: add contid support for signalling the audit daemon

Paul Moore paul at paul-moore.com
Thu Feb 13 21:44:29 UTC 2020

This is a bit of a thread-hijack, and for that I apologize, but
another thought crossed my mind while thinking about this issue
further ... Once we support multiple auditd instances, including the
necessary record routing and duplication/multiple-sends (the host
always sees *everything*), we will likely need to find a way to "trim"
the audit container ID (ACID) lists we send in the records.  The
auditd instance running on the host/initns will always see everything,
so it will want the full container ACID list; however an auditd
instance running inside a container really should only see the ACIDs
of any child containers.

For example, imagine a system where the host has containers 1 and 2,
each running an auditd instance.  Inside container 1 there are
containers A and B.  Inside container 2 there are containers Y and Z.
If an audit event is generated in container Z, I would expect the
host's auditd to see a ACID list of "1,Z" but container 1's auditd
should only see an ACID list of "Z".  The auditd running in container
2 should not see the record at all (that will be relatively
straightforward).  Does that make sense?  Do we have the record
formats properly designed to handle this without too much problem (I'm
not entirely sure we do)?

paul moore

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