Containers Development List Migration

Christian Brauner christian.brauner at
Fri Apr 16 11:00:30 UTC 2021

Hello everyone,

The good people running have put a lot of effort into better
tooling for the kernel community. This covers handling patches for
maintainers and developers via the new b4 tool, archiving all our
mailing lists in the new public-inbox format, better spam filtering,
non-delayed delivery of patches. Part of these efforts is to ultimately
run all our kernel development mailing lists under the
People interested in details can re-read the threads on [1] and
subscribe to the workflows mailing list at [2] or peruse the articles
published about this initiative on LWN.

In the coming time mailing lists will slowly start migrating to the new domain run by the kernel community under the
umbrella. Some details about the new lists can be found in the great
blogpost at [6].
The migration has already happened for a few lists (ksummit-discuss,
linux-staging, tools) others are in the process of doing so right now
and it will ultimately take on all the duties that vger (and others)
once fulfilled including lkml itself.

Last year I already asked Konstantin to start archiving the containers
development list through at [3] and sent out a
corresponding announcement to this list [4].

We will now initiate the move of the mailing list to

        containers at

Given the low-volume of this list the move is scheduled to happen on

        01 May 2021

Note, there is no need for you to do anything now.

The migration is coordinated with Konstantin Ryabitsev who leads this
effort (I'm sure most of you know him from his excellent blogposts on
tooling at [5].). Disruptions will be kept to a minimum.

# Steps on May 1:

  - We will switch the archives for to be
    from the new list.
  - All existing subscribers of the old list will be subscribed to the
    new list.
  - Archiving will be enabled for the new list.
  - The list will show up at with details about
    subscription, unsubscription etc.
  - An autoresponder will be setup on the old list notifying anyone
    still posting there that the list has moved. The old list will
    likely stick around for a few months.

Konstantin will announce when the move has finished on May 1 with a mail
to the new list. Until May 1 I will send a few reminders about the
upcoming move with people Cced (as done in this mail) that have sent
patches in the last couple of weeks.


[2]: workflows at

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