[Desktop_architects] Cross-site bug tracking

John Cherry cherry at linux-foundation.org
Tue Apr 10 08:13:22 PDT 2007

I'm sure you are all aware that Canonical has released a beta version of
its launchpad service.  Launchpad was founded to run the Ubuntu project,
but it's now open to other projects. Three--Zope, Jokosher and
SilvaCMS--are hosted there now.


An interesting note in the announcement caught my eye.  Mark made the
following statement...

"The company's goal isn't to gobble up the activity of other hosting
sites, Shuttleworth said. "We're not trying to convince people to switch
off their own infrastructure and adopt Launchpad wholesale," he said.
For example, one feature of Launchpad is the ability to link bugs
tracked on Launchpad with related bugs at other sites."

One of our breakout sessions at DAM-3 was "defect tracking across
projects".  The summary of this session was:

- did not have the right people to make progress
- explored a few use cases
- The GNOME project uses a point system on defects.  Points
  are given for comments, resolved bugs, etc.  Developers with
  more points can do more with the system.

Since this group of architects spans orgs, projects, and distos, I have
to at least raise the question with this group regarding our defect
tracking issues.  

- Is the work on defect tracking across projects that is being 
  done with the Launchpad site something that can be leveraged 
  by the community?  
- Does anyone on this list have some experience with the bug 
  linking that is being done on Launchpad?


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Google Headquarters, Mountain View, CA
June 14-16

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