[Desktop_architects] Drivers -- below the OS?

David "Lefty" Schlesinger lefty at access-company.com
Fri Aug 3 19:44:33 PDT 2007

Miller, Marc wrote:
> I recently came across an article claiming that virtualization "liberates"
> the OS from the hardware, basically implying that the hypervisor can now
> contain all of the drivers and that the OS just needs to have a standard
> abstraction layer for accessing the true driver involved.  
> Funny, I thought the OS's job was to manage the hardware so that the
> applications wouldn't have to.  It's almost like outsourcing:  in DOS,
> applications had to know what graphics card, printer, mouse, etc. you were
> using.  Linux and Windows standardized this by making device management part
> of its job.  (and yes, UNIX already did this)  now hardware management is
> going down another level of the stack.
I suspect this of being one of those "if all you have is a hammer,
everything begins to look like a nail" kind of things... Either that, or
perhaps an effort on someone's part to turn drivers into "SEPs"
("Somebody Else's Problem")...

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