[Desktop_architects] OOXML - national bodies voting

John Cherry cherry at linux-foundation.org
Sun Aug 26 23:05:50 PDT 2007

Those of us at the Linux Foundation are working to reject Microsoft's
bid to win ISO ratification for their DIS 29500 (OOXML) specification
for office document file formats. The world already has an ISO standard
for this problem and it's ODF or ISO 26300. The JTC1 5 month ballot
period closes September 2nd.

With September 2nd looming, the Linux Foundation is going to come out
with a "formal" statement on Tuesday.  I realize that there have been
document format wars raging in the blogs and the press for months, but I
thought it would be a nice touch to the LF position statement if we
could augment the statement with comments from the community of desktop
architects (you guys).

I am constructing a "quotes page" for specific comments from the desktop
architects.  I will either pick these quotes up from the list here or
you can send them to me directly.  If you post a short position
statement of your own, there is a possibility that we will use it in the
LF position statement as well, so please don't send anything to me that
you don't want to have quoted.  All quotes on the "quotes page" must be
attributed to somebody (nothing anonymous).

Please keep your comments short (three or four concise sentences).  The
objective is not to argue the case, but to publish the views of a
variety of _heavyweights_ in the desktop development community.

Sorry for the short notice, but the LF announcement will be going out on
Tuesday evening, so we have about 48 hours to put this thing together.


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