[Desktop_architects] OOXML - vote “No, with comments”

John Cherry cherry at linux-foundation.org
Wed Aug 29 07:31:52 PDT 2007

On September 2, the comment and voting period will close on ISO/IEC DIS
29500, the draft specification based upon Microsoft’s Office Open XML
formats (OOXML). The Linux Foundation (LF) has received questions from
outside its membership regarding its position on adoption of OOXML in
its current form as a global standard. In summary, the Linux Foundation
calls upon those National Bodies that have not yet cast their votes to
vote “No, with comments.” Those comments should reflect your best,
neutral, technical judgment, based upon OOXML in its current form.
Only by doing so, we believe, can both the future availability of
documents and the integrity of the standard setting process be assured.

The Linux Foundation statement on OOXML:

My blog:

The Desktop Architects speak out on OOXML:

The OOXML draft is lengthy with insufficient time to adequately review
the content.  Hundreds of issues have been raised, some are minor, but
many are not.  Proprietary specifications are referenced, violating
OSO/IEC rules and bringing up questions about intellectual property
rights.  OOXML is specific to both current and legacy Microsoft Office
products.  A standard such as this should be neutral to all operating
systems, office products, and document management and analysis tools.

Just vote NO, with comments.

John Cherry
Linux Foundation
Desktop Linux Working Group
Desktop Architects

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