AW: [Desktop_architects] GDB - more detail

Martin Konold martin.konold at
Sat Jun 23 12:56:55 PDT 2007

> > One of the recommendations from DAM4 was that since GDB is 
> broken, it
> might
> > be better to switch over to Eclipse, which contains a 
> better debugger.
> That sounds confused.

It is indeed confusing. As it is comparing apples and oranges.

Gdb is the GNU debugger while Eclipse is an IDE.

> meeting, and I think the consensus was that Visual Studio-era 
> users want a good IDE, and the only open source IDE with 
> serious momentum is Eclipse,

Sorry, but this is arrogant nonsense. 

Of course there are other open source IDEs which have also a lot of serious
momentum. It is insulting for other projects to deny this to them.

E.g. award winning kdevelop is very advanced and
very activly developed. It has important features which are missing from
eclipse and is very seriously developed and used. Even though kdevelop is
shipped as an rpm for many distribution is has a download of about 25

I agree that Eclipse has more industrie backing in the US and has more mind
share. But this does not make other efforts less serious.

-- martin

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