[Fuego] Fuego 1.0.0 release

Daniel Sangorrin daniel.sangorrin at toshiba.co.jp
Thu Nov 10 00:55:05 UTC 2016

Hi Tim,

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> Subject: [Fuego] Fuego 1.0.0 release
> I am pleased to announce the release of Fuego version 1.0.0.
> It is available now in the following git repositories:
>  * https://bitbucket.org/tbird20d/fuego.git
>  * https://bitbucket.org/tbird20d/fuego-core.git
> Here is the Changelog for this release:
> == [1.0.0] - 2016-11-08 ==
>  * Add support for building the docker container behind a proxy
>  * Add support for creating a container that can see USB changes
>  * Change reboot test to only report boot time (not other stats)
>  * Fix some other issues with the reboot test
>  * Change name of nologger function and distribution file to 'nologread'
>    * WARNING: this will break the Jenkins configuration for targets
>    that referenced nologger.dist
>      * the DISTRIB environment variable should be changed from
>      'distribs/nologger.dist' to 'distribs/nologread.dist' in the target
>      configuration for these boards
>  * Add .gitignore files to make repository management easier
>  * Add code to create the FUEGO_HOME directory if not already present
>  * Change bzip2 test to support busybox version of bzip2
>  * Add VERSION and CHANGELOG files
>  * status:
>    * This version of Fuego uses Jenkins 1.509.2
>    * This verison of Fuego includes ftc version 0.3.0
> -----------
> It should be noted that the use of version 1.0.0 was somewhat arbitrary.
> Fuego can be used to test some things today, but there are many features that
> are not quite complete, and lots of work to improve certain aspects of it.
> However, this is my first official release of Fuego.  This took longer than expected
> due to having to work out my release process.  Having two repositories is a real pain.
> Note that you can update fuego-core independently from the container/Jenkins
> pieces, by just cd-ing to /home/jenkins/fuego inside your current docker container
> and doing a 'git pull' (assuming you're using the tbird20d repositories, and not the
> cogentembedded ones).
> Let me know if you see any problems.  I've foregone going through an RC release
> series for this release, but I may add that if it looks like I need help from outside
> parties stabilizing releases in the future.

Thanks for the release. I reinstall everything from scratch and let you know if 
I find some problem.

> Finally - I know there are pending patches on the mailing list (thanks Daniel).
> I wanted to get this release out before going through those, as this release was
> already complicated enough.  Just by way of information, my upcoming to-do list is:
>  * figure out why there are two tests.info files, and hopefully get rid of one
>  * evaluate Daniel's latest set of patches (from the last 2 weeks), and provide
>     feedback and/or integrate them into 'next'.
>  * start work on standards for test pre check functionality (compare with 0day
>    and any other systems that do test pre check
>  * write a target scan and health_check test
>  * write the contract for the serial console transport feature

Thanks, I was thinking about preparing a patch to replace tarballs by git 
repositories (using the https protocol so they can be fetched behind proxies).
What do you think about that? If you think there are more urgent changes
to make let me know.

> I know that Toshiba is working on (or plans to work on) supporting another
> Jenkins version besides 1.509.2.  I plan to help with that if needed.  If we
> can get Fuego to be independent of Jenkins version, that would be good.
> That's hard at the moment, but we should see how much dependencies
> can be reduced.

Yes, we are looking into it. But it may take some time.

> With regard to forks, I need to review where Cogent Embedded is with their stuff.
> I noticed that the AGL-JTA CIAT project has made a few changes, but I believe
> the script engine (which has changed in Fuego but not in AGL-JTA, I believe)
> is still compatible with their tests.  This is also something that needs review.

I believe they want to reduce the gap and contribute back some of the changes
they made. However, I think that some changes (e.g.: use of LAVA) will not fit
with our idea of having a simple and compact testing tool that is easy to install, use 
and visualize results with.

Best regards,

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