[Fuego] Status update for Fuego

Bird, Timothy Tim.Bird at sony.com
Fri Aug 18 00:11:49 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

Over the last few days I did some proof-of-concept work on
report generation for Fuego using the new unified output
format.  I also did some additional research on output formats
produced by different test frameworks or harnesses.

I think I can safely say that our current format (as documented

contains enough information for us to 
be compatible with kernelci.  I am confident we can convert our data to
 xunit or TAP format as well, which are already supported for visualization
by Jenkins plugins.

There are a few little details remaining, but I think we can hash those out
fairly soon.  I'm trying to figure out what details need to be closed in
order to begin the 1.2 release.

In terms of the big 4 goals for this release:
 - unified output format - basically complete, although there may be some
    minor adjustments in the future
 - LAVA support - this is getting pushed to a future release
 - documentation update for 1.2 - I've already started this.  There's
    a 1.2 version of the Fuego wiki, that I'll swap into place when the
    release occurs, but it needs a lot more work to document the
    differences from 1.1 to 1.2.  This can be done during the 1.2-rc series,
    so is not technically blocking the start of the release.
 - support AGL/JTA reports (HTML output)

There are also fixes to individual tests (such as a major fix for 
LTP and libaio-dev installation).

This support for AGL/JTA reports is something that needs work.
Can someone provide me with sample HTML reports from
AGL/JTA for the following:
 1) Benchmark.dbench
 2) Functional.hello_world
 3) Functional.LTP?

I think with those three report samples, I can add the necessary
support to my report generator (in ftc) to finish this feature.

Also, plotting seems to be broken at the moment.  When Daniel
gets back into town maybe he can take a look at this.

In separate news, I'll be presenting at Linaro Connect (SFO17) on the
topic of shared standards between Linux test frameworks, and we'll
have a few slots in Embedded Linux Conference Europe on testing
and test framework topics.

After the 1.2 release, I plan to ramp up test production and 
Fuego promotion - possibly planning a mini-summit in Portland
at ELC in March 2018.

Sorry this release has taken so long, but I think we're closing in
on the 1.2 release (hopefully the first release candidate will
be sometime next week.)
 -- Tim

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