[Fuego] Status update for Fuego

Khiem Nguyen khiem.nguyen.xt at renesas.com
Fri Aug 18 02:49:26 UTC 2017

Hi Tim,

Thanks for sending the update.

> Over the last few days I did some proof-of-concept work on report generation
> for Fuego using the new unified output format.  I also did some additional
> research on output formats produced by different test frameworks or harnesses.
> I think I can safely say that our current format (as documented here
> https://bitbucket.org/tbird20d/fuego-
> core/src/fac7d69b91008ce0d1c7ccf0dc55dab5b8a1ce64/engine/scripts/parser/f
> uego-schema.json?at=next
> )
> contains enough information for us to
> be compatible with kernelci.  I am confident we can convert our data to  xunit or
> TAP format as well, which are already supported for visualization by Jenkins
> plugins.

> There are a few little details remaining, but I think we can hash those out fairly
> soon.  I'm trying to figure out what details need to be closed in order to begin the
> 1.2 release.
> In terms of the big 4 goals for this release:
>  - unified output format - basically complete, although there may be some
>     minor adjustments in the future
>  - LAVA support - this is getting pushed to a future release
>  - documentation update for 1.2 - I've already started this.  There's
>     a 1.2 version of the Fuego wiki, that I'll swap into place when the
>     release occurs, but it needs a lot more work to document the
>     differences from 1.1 to 1.2.  This can be done during the 1.2-rc series,
>     so is not technically blocking the start of the release.
>  - support AGL/JTA reports (HTML output)

Those changes will reduce the gap between Fuego and AGL/JTA, I guess. :)
> In separate news, I'll be presenting at Linaro Connect (SFO17) on the topic of
> shared standards between Linux test frameworks, and we'll have a few slots in
> Embedded Linux Conference Europe on testing and test framework topics.

I personally expect more demonstration with Fuego and board setup.

> After the 1.2 release, I plan to ramp up test production and Fuego promotion -
> possibly planning a mini-summit in Portland at ELC in March 2018.
> Sorry this release has taken so long, but I think we're closing in on the 1.2 release
> (hopefully the first release candidate will be sometime next week.)

We can try it out and give feedback.

Best regards,
KHIEM Nguyen

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