[Fuego] Status update for Fuego

Bird, Timothy Tim.Bird at sony.com
Fri Aug 18 18:56:05 UTC 2017

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> From: Khiem Nguyen on Thursday, August 17, 2017 7:49 PM
> > In terms of the big 4 goals for this release:
> >  - unified output format - basically complete, although there may be some
> >     minor adjustments in the future
> >  - LAVA support - this is getting pushed to a future release
> >  - documentation update for 1.2 - I've already started this.  There's
> >     a 1.2 version of the Fuego wiki, that I'll swap into place when the
> >     release occurs, but it needs a lot more work to document the
> >     differences from 1.1 to 1.2.  This can be done during the 1.2-rc series,
> >     so is not technically blocking the start of the release.
> >  - support AGL/JTA reports (HTML output)
> Those changes will reduce the gap between Fuego and AGL/JTA, I guess. :)
> > In separate news, I'll be presenting at Linaro Connect (SFO17) on the topic
> of
> > shared standards between Linux test frameworks, and we'll have a few
> slots in
> > Embedded Linux Conference Europe on testing and test framework topics.
> I personally expect more demonstration with Fuego and board setup.

I'm not sure what you mean by this.  Are you looking for more videos
and presentations at conferences about Fuego and board setup? 
Or are you hoping to see stand-alone videos, or documentation
about board setup?  Or are there specific features of board setup
with Fuego that you think need to be improved?

I'm very happy to get some feedback from you on your priorities for
fixes/enhancements to Fuego.  So far, this release we've been trying
to unfork with the AGL project, but I want to make sure that issues
of other users (such as yourself) are addressed also.

I still have a list of items we discussed in Japan.  What would be your
top priority for improving Fuego going forward?
> >
> > After the 1.2 release, I plan to ramp up test production and Fuego
> promotion -
> > possibly planning a mini-summit in Portland at ELC in March 2018.
> >
> > Sorry this release has taken so long, but I think we're closing in on the 1.2
> release
> > (hopefully the first release candidate will be sometime next week.)
> Great.
> We can try it out and give feedback.

Thanks - that will be much appreciated.
 -- Tim

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