[Fuego] [LTSI-dev] LTSI-4.9 RC1 is out for testing!

Khiem Nguyen khiem.nguyen.xt at renesas.com
Mon Aug 28 03:42:51 UTC 2017

Hi Greg, Simon,
Cc Shimoda-san,
Cc Tim,

> > LTSI-4.9-RC1 is now ready for testing.
> > http://ltsi.linuxfoundation.org/releases/ltsi-tree/4.9.40-ltsi-rc1/rel
> > ease-candidate
> >
> > I recommend to use Fuego for testing this RC1, and when you test this, please
> share the result with this mailing list. This process would make the kernel better
> for the industry usage.
> Our team tested this RC1 using Fuego 1.0 (sorry, we have trouble when we use
> Fuego 1.1.
> So, we used Fuego 1.0) on R-Car H3 Salvator-X.

Latest Fuego has not officially supported R-Car Gen3 boards (Salvator-X or Starter Kit) yet.
Therefore, we have added board support locally for testing LTSI 4.9 RC1.

There are other issues about test scripts in Fuego, so that some test cases could not be run successfully.
We have also fixed the issues.
We will send out the patches to fix test cases as well as adding new boards to Fuego.
i.e after Fuego 1.2 is released in coming weeks.

> And, I wrote the result in the end of this email as csv format.
> Also, our team found some issues (the board cannot resume well) and the
> following patches can resolve it.
> Would you do cherry-pick them?
> Or, should I send the patches like general Linux development role? :)

We did perform LTP test, BSP drivers test with Fuego.
1. LTP test (based on latest version, 20170516) has been executed.
      The test result shows no big issues on LTSI 4.9 RC1.
      I also attached the result for reference.
2. BSP drivers' test has been executed based on the test cases in github [1]

      [1] https://github.com/Jinzai-solution/SALVATOR_SHELL.git

    We did compare the BSP test results of LTSI 4.9 RC1 and upstream v4.12.
       And we found some regressions in RC1 test result due to lacking some patches.
       e.g some failed cases in USB, RCAR-SOUND, RCAR-THERMAL,
    Hence, we would like to backport more patches from v4.11 and v4.12 to fix the failed cases.

> 5095cb8 usb: of: add functions to bind a companion controller
> d4d7512 usb: host: ehci-platform: fix usb 1.1 device is not connected in system
> resume
> 42a58c9 usb: host: ehci-platform: set hcd->phy to avoid phy_get() in
> usb_add_hcd()
> d3d6ef1 usb: host: ohci-platform: set hcd->phy to avoid phy_get() in
> usb_add_hcd()
> c567fb3 clk: cs2000: add Suspend/Resume feature

There are more patches (from kernel v4.12) are needed.
  1/ Add the rcar-thermal driver from v4.12.
         75f78d6 thermal: rcar_gen3_thermal: add suspend and resume support
         cc4d072 thermal: rcar_gen3_thermal: store device match data in private structure
         7d4b269 thermal: rcar_gen3_thermal: enable hardware interrupts for trip points
         97dad1f thermal: rcar_gen3_thermal: record and check number of TSCs found
         d51546c thermal: rcar_gen3_thermal: check that TSC exists before memory allocation
         100cfbc thermal: rcar_gen3_thermal: remove unneeded mutex
         78aefd2 thermal: rcar_gen3_thermal: add delay in .thermal_init on r8a7796
         564e73d thermal: rcar_gen3_thermal: Add R-Car Gen3 thermal driver

Hi Simon,
About above patches, 
could you check the patches and send the merging request to Greg at once ?

> ---
> No.,Test item,Remarks,Status
> 1,Benchmark.aim7,Failure if executed bench processing step,Success
> 2,Benchmark.blobsallad,Build failed,Failure 3,Benchmark.bonnie,,Success
> 4,Benchmark.cyclictest,,Success 5,Benchmark.dbench,,Success
> 6,Benchmark.Dhrystone,,Success 7,Benchmark.ebizzy,,Success
> 8,Benchmark.ffsb,Build failed,Failure 9,Benchmark.fio,,Success
> 10,Benchmark.GLMark,Build failed,Failure 11,Benchmark.gtkperf,Ditto,Failure
> 12,Benchmark.hackbench,,Success
> 13,Benchmark.himeno,,Success
> 14,Benchmark.Interbench,Build failed,Failure 15,Benchmark.IOzone,Ditto,Failure
> 16,Benchmark.iperf,Ditto,Failure 17,Benchmark.Java,Ditto,Failure
> 18,Benchmark.linpack,Failure if executed bench processing step,Success
> 19,Benchmark.lmbench2,Hang up when executed,Aborted
> 20,Benchmark.nbench_byte,Hang up when executed,Aborted
> 21,Benchmark.netperf,Build failed,Failure 22,Benchmark.netpipe,No such file
> patch,Failure 23,Benchmark.OpenSSL,Build failed,Failure
> 24,Benchmark.reboot,Failure if executed bench processing step,Success
> 25,Benchmark.signaltest,Ditto,Success
> 26,Benchmark.Stream,Ditto,Success
> 27,Benchmark.tiobench,Build failed,Failure
> 28,Benchmark.Whetstone,Ditto,Failure
> 29,Benchmark.x11perf,Ditto,Failure
> No.,Test item,Remarks,Status
> 1,Functional.aiostress,,Success
> 2,Functional.arch_timer,Need to change test specification,Success
> 3,Functional.bc,,Success 4,Functional.bzip2,,Success 5,Functional.cmt,Test case
> failed,Failure 6,Functional.crashme,,Success 7,Functional.expat,Build
> failed,Failure 8,Functional.fontconfig,,Success 9,Functional.ft2demos,Build
> failed,Failure 10,Functional.glib,Ditto,Failure 11,Functional.hello_world,,Success
> 12,Functional.ipv6connect,,Success
> 13,Functional.jpeg,,Success
> 14,Functional.libpng,Build failed,Failure 15,Functional.linus_stress,,Success
> 16,Functional.LTP.Devices,Build failed,Failure 17,Functional.LTP.Filesystem,Build
> failed,Failure 18,Functional.LTP.Open_Posix,Build failed,Failure
> 19,Functional.netperf,3/5 failed,Failure 20,Functional.OpenSSL,Hang up when
> executed,Aborted 21,Functional.pi_tests,,Success
> 22,Functional.posixtestsuite,,Success
> 23,Functional.rmaptest,,Success
> 24,Functional.scifab,Need to change test specification,Success
> 25,Functional.scrashme,Build failed,Failure 26,Functional.sdhi_0,Need to change
> test specification,Success 27,Functional.stress,,Success
> 28,Functional.synctest,,Success 29,Functional.zlib,,Success

Best regards,
KHIEM  Nguyen
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