[Fuego] [LTSI-dev] LTSI-4.9 RC1 is out for testing!

Khiem Nguyen khiem.nguyen.xt at renesas.com
Wed Aug 30 11:25:02 UTC 2017

Hi Simon,
Cc Shimoda-san, Greg,

> Would you submit the following patches to LTSI ML like r-car thermal?
> 5095cb8 usb: of: add functions to bind a companion controller
> d4d7512 usb: host: ehci-platform: fix usb 1.1 device is not connected in system
> resume
> 42a58c9 usb: host: ehci-platform: set hcd->phy to avoid phy_get() in
> usb_add_hcd()
> d3d6ef1 usb: host: ohci-platform: set hcd->phy to avoid phy_get() in
> usb_add_hcd()
> and
> c567fb3 clk: cs2000: add Suspend/Resume feature

I happened to recognize that we need to backport some patches
for Ethernet driver in H3ULCB and M3ULCB.
Previous test report showed the result after merging the patch.
I updated the test result for this information.

For H3ULCB, the patches have been available in kernel v4.12.
   144bf6c arm64: dts: h3ulcb: enable EthernetAVB
   5b9fd19 arm64: dts: h3ulcb: Fix EthernetAVB PHY timing

For M3ULCB, the patches have been merged into kernel v4.13-rc1.
   883fae3 arm64: dts: m3ulcb: enable EthernetAVB
   bdb3656 arm64: dts: m3ulcb: Fix EthernetAVB PHY timing

Although the scope of backporting is up to v4.12,
please also consider for the patches in v4.13-rc1.

Best regards,
KHIEM Nguyen
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