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Bird, Timothy Tim.Bird at sony.com
Tue Jan 24 18:07:31 UTC 2017

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> From: Jan-Simon Möller on Monday, January 23, 2017 11:16 AM
> Just adding a few notes here and questions.
> I've come across https://avocado-framework.github.io/  and find it quite
> interesting as abastraction for unifying the output of the tests (even across
> different systems (jta, fuego, lava ?) .
> As it is a wrapper script, we might be able to use it directly by just
> embedding it.
> It also has "avocado remote" to support running over ssh.
> Would that be an option to go forward with ?

I had never heard of this.  I reviewed the presentation and it appears to have some very 
interesting features.  Of specific interest are
  1) the ability to output results in many different formats (that you mention),
 2) the ability to generate a test matrix from a list of points of variation
 3) the ability to send a job to a remote place.

I note that the way they've done Jenkins integration is quite a bit simpler than 
how Fuego did it (originally - I'm still analyzing Daniel's latest Jenkins integration

I'll have to download the code and look at it more detail, but there may be some
room for leveraging what they've got.  I also liked the following:
 1) the ease of extended the set of files and information to grab from the target,
 2) the sha1 for each result (and that result are always persistent),
 3) their server system for accessing results
 4) the ability to output in multiple formats (including standalone html)

One thing I don't see is how they deal with the output from different tests.
That is, I don't know what their equivalent to fuego's log_compare and parser.py

But the whole system is certainly very interesting.  If we don't actually leverage the
code directly, we'll certainly be using some of these ideas.  I've already started thinking
about how 'ftc' (fuego's command line tool) could be extended to list boards on other
systems and run tests on remote systems.
 -- Tim

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