[Fuego] RFC: Fuego's version up and other changes

Bird, Timothy Tim.Bird at sony.com
Tue Jan 24 18:20:49 UTC 2017

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> From: Jan-Simon Möller on  Monday, January 23, 2017 9:28 AM
> @Daniel:
> I tried your next branch and I think the uprev is well done.
> I'll try to port my modifications to it. An idea of the timeline
> or should we collaborate on-top of a -next branch in upstream ?
We should start discussing this.  It would be nice to either have this
done by ELC, or get together and make the plan for this at ELC.
Actually, I think I'll put out a general call to see who's involved
with Fuego and coming to ELC, and try to put together a dedicated
session for discussing the status and roadmap.
> @Tim:
> I'm working on porting AGLs jta<->lava support shim to fuego.
> Also I'm looking at your ttc transport commits. That might be a nice way to
> add different mechanisms for the actual connection to the boards.

Fuego integration with LAVA has been on my to-do list.  I know that 
AGL-CIAT does this, but haven't had time to study it.  I am looking forward
to your ELC presentation on Fuego and Lava!

Yes - I believe that adding support for LAVA at the transport level could
be accomplished with ttc, but there's only 3 commands, and I wouldn't
be surprised if you could do it directly.  Frankly, I thought that only Sony
was using ttc, but we'd probably be pretty happy to add the ability for ttc
to access and control LAVA-based boards, and that would give us LAVA
support in fuego for free since we've already integrated ttc into fuego.

Note that we've got support for serial transport almost working.  It's mostly
working but with a few bugs we're ironing out.  The final transport I want to
add directly into fuego is adb, for Android-based boards.  I think it will
be trivial - I just don't have a board running Android that up and running
at the moment.

Would it be worth having a discussion offline for you to educate me on how
AGL-CIAT is using LAVA in conjunction with Fuego, before ELC?  I've been
meaning to join the AGL-CIAT meetings, but last time I got confused on the
time (I misread the timezone and missed the last call).  I'm not sure if that's
the right venue to discuss this, or we should do something separate.

Let me know what you think.

 - - Tim

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