[Fuego] Parameter passing to tests

Rafael Gago Castano RGC at hms.se
Fri Jun 2 17:30:03 UTC 2017

> Having said that, if there is a way to use _automatic_ parameterized builds I would like to know because
> that could solve the problem for both of us.

There are different parameter types. You say that fuego was using
dropdown menus, but I was experimenting with raw string parameters.

The string types have a default value (and description) so when you
build from the jenkins web you are prompted to a page but the parameter
values are already filled with the defaults, and you just click "build" without 
introducing any data. it adds only adds one extra click, no dropdowns or
severe annoyances.

The key here is that the defaults are taken either from the "spec" or the 
"params" section of the .spec JSON file by using the rules commented on
 one of my previous message, so the defaults would be introduced at job
creation time but each parameter can be set natively by Jenkins.

> What I meant was a collision in "job/project names" because they would have the same
> spec under the current Fuego. Also Fuego is able to compare test results for different specs.

OK, I see, this would need some thinking then. The spontaneous idea would
be to save logs in a folder that contains a string with a hash of the parameters?


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