[Fuego] showstopper for us

Rafael Gago Castano RGC at hms.se
Wed Jun 14 10:45:11 UTC 2017


I'm back from vacation now.

> Mmm sorry I think I didn't get the whole picture here. Is it something like this?
> [User1's Desktop Fuego]---+
>                                                        |----[Server with LAVA]---[DUT(device under > test)/test rig?]
> [User2's Desktop Fuego]---+
No. Now we have a LAVA server connected to a test rig and we develop in our 
desktop computers. Then we send tests to the LAVA server through a LAVA tool
that sends a .yaml test file to LAVA. That .yaml file contains some test data
and references the test as a git branch sha in some server. We can't develop

We wanted to look at LAVA alternatives because the workflow is tiresome and 
there is no way we can understand what's going on under the hood, so my 
experimentation with Fuego was done to see if we could completely replace LAVA
with Fuego, not to have a mixed LAVA-Fuego setup.

> At the moment test's source code can be pulled from a git repository just before building.

If you mean that it's possible to git pull fuego-core before starting a test
then it still wouldn't solve our problem, if two developers are working directly
on the same server (test rig) they are actually working on the same git
repository on the same filesystem and they would collide. A test doing a 
git-pull on fuego-core could have unwanted side effects on tests that were
previously enqueued too.

> Yeah, I think this is a completely different approach. We want to focus on
> an easy-to-use tool that anyone can use for running tests. Having only two
> jobs would complicate the visualization graphics, download links, comparisons
> between test results, etc..

I agree, it would be mostly a next to full rewrite. Unfortunately for us we
were looking for something similar that it isn't as big and complex as LAVA.

> I'm sorry to hear that Fuego didn't fit your use case. I really appreciate all of your
> comments and feedback. I hope you have a good vacation :)

Thanks, you all on the mailing list were very helpful.

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