[Fuego] Stream benchmark test failure

Bird, Timothy Tim.Bird at sony.com
Fri Jun 23 00:38:21 UTC 2017

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> From: dhinakar k [mailto:dhinakar.k at gmail.com]
> It seems the stream benchmark test is still expecting stream.sh file rather
> than fuego_test.sh as per the v1.2 requirements.
> It looks like a bug in the test. Please check.

I just did a clean install of fuego and fuego-core from my 'next' branches for
each of these repositories on bitbucket.  Then added a 'docker' node and the
Benchmark.Stream test for that board.

In the Execute Shell portion of the docker.default.Benchmark.Stream job I see:
  export Reboot=false
  export Rebuild=true
  export Target_PreCleanup=true
  export Target_PostCleanup=true
  export TESTDIR=Benchmark.Stream
  export TESTSPEC=default
  export FUEGO_DEBUG=1
  timeout --signal=9 30m /bin/bash $FUEGO_CORE/engine/scripts/main.sh
The job executes main.sh, which executes $TESTDIR/fuego_test.sh

So it looks OK in my configuration.

You may have a leftover job configuration.  Try removing the job and
re-creating it with 'ftc add-jobs -b <your-board> -t Benchmark.Stream.
Then look at the job configuration in the web interface, and let me know
if you still see a problem.
 -- Tim

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