[Fuego] In-house functional test setup and execution process

dhinakar k dhinakar.k at gmail.com
Mon Jun 26 14:03:12 UTC 2017


I have an in-house test for MFC codec application.
I have already kept the executable on target board and created
fuego_test.sh with test_run and test_processing functions only. spec.json
is just default, nothing specific in that.

I use log_compare to look for some specific keyword occurance (like pass,
success, mfc.c) in the log file.

The test executes correctly and log_compare is able to find keywords but
still the test result is a failure. What could be the issue? What iam
missing here.

Please find a portion of the log below for reference. It says 'Build step
'Execute shell' marked build as failure'.

Teardown board link
log_compare: pattern 'mfc.c' found 2 times (expected greater than or equal
than 1)
running python...
Received: 0
Test section fail_or_pass: test result 0 satisfies (eq) threshold 0.
Data file /fuego-rw/.... was updated.
Reading plot....
Saving plot...
running python...
Writing results to ... /results.json
Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure
[description setter] ...
Finished: FAILURE

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