[Fuego] Benchmark.blobsallad test build failing on my x86 64-bit ubuntu pc

Bird, Timothy Tim.Bird at sony.com
Wed Jun 28 21:36:22 UTC 2017

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> From Daniel Sangorrin on Thursday, June 08, 2017 5:08 PM
> Tim: how should we manage issues/bugs? I can't find the "issues"
> functionality that github provides on bitbucket.

I had planned to use an issue database comprised of wiki pages
(see http://bird.org/fuego/Fuego_Issues_List)
It's a pretty primitive system, but it can be extended rather easily
with new fields, and editing an issue is synonymous with editing
a wiki page.

I found the bitbucket issue tracker feature. It is not enabled by default.
I enabled a public issue tracker on the fuego repository, and on the
fuego-core repository.

I played around with the Atlassian issue tracker, and it's barely more
capable than the one in my wiki.  For a few things, it has a slicker
interface.  However, I don't see the same flexibility as with mine.

Let's use the one in my wiki and see how it goes
Any bugs or features enhancements we find I can fix in
the wiki software itself (which I wrote). If it doesn't scale,
or there are things that don’t work, we can re-evaluate
and maybe start using the bitbucket ones.

So, bugs and enhancement requests should be reported through

 -- Tim

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