[Fuego] Split the output and add log links for each testcase

Daniel Sangorrin daniel.sangorrin at toshiba.co.jp
Thu Feb 1 01:48:44 UTC 2018

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> > Hi Tim, Daniel and other friends
> >
> > Functional.LTP has heavy outputs after testing, which makes it difficult for us
> > to locate the error log easily.
> >
> > LTP has the feature that can help us to split the output for different
> > testcases.
> >
> > So, I added some links to those separated log files in the test case summary
> > page.
> >
> > It helped me a lot to investigate different failures.
> I like this a lot.  Fuego has not had very good facilities to isolate the
> error information for each testcase, and this looks like it will do it.

I think that separate log files are good. But if you patch LTP please keep in mind that
test case error logs are already separated by the parser. In LTP, the error log for 
non-successful test cases is in the corresponding row on the output excel sheet.
If you double-click on the cell, you will see the complete error log for that specific test case. 
# Next, I am planning to add another column with a guess on why the test case failed.

By the way, normally what I do to investigate a failure is:
  - set the target_postCleanup flag to False
  - ssh to the target
  - execute the test case individually with runltp
     # ./runltp -f syscalls -s madvise07
  - or execute the test directly with strace
    # strace bin/madvise07
    [Note] the arguments required for the test can be obtained from the test group inside runtests/ (e.g. syscalls file)


> > Now, I also added a generic function to split the output for different tests
> > and try to apply it to different tests.
> >
> > Please review the patch[01-09] in the maillist.
> I will do what I can tonight, but I probably won't be able to finish
> before I stop working today.  I'll have to finish up later this week.
>  -- Tim
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