[Fuego] [PATCH] Fuego Release Test Repository

Tim.Bird at sony.com Tim.Bird at sony.com
Tue Feb 20 01:12:06 UTC 2018

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> From: Tim.Bird
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> > From: Guilherme Campos Camargo
> > Hello, everyone
> >
> > This repository
> What repository?  https://bitbucket.org/profusionmobi/fuego?
> I see a repository on bitbucket, under profusionmobi, called
> 'fuego-release-test'?  Is that the one?  I can find no mention
> of the repository below...
> I presume I clone something, then run build_and_run.sh?
> Do I need to have any fuego materials pre-installed?
> (the 'driving' fuego?)

I have several instances of Fuego available on my machine, but I wasn't
sure if one of these was supposed to be running when I ran build_and_run.sh.

I did this:

$ git clone https://bitbucket.org/profusionmobi/fuego-release-test
$ cd fuego-release-test
$ ./build_and_run.sh -p 8080 up
Error: no such container: fuego-rt-container

Am I supposed to have a container named 'fuego-rt-container'?

I see other command line options:
  -c to start from scratch
  -d to run in detached mode

Should I be using these?

What is the meaning of 'up' and 'down'.  Sorry, but I'm confused
about how this works.

Please help.
 -- Tim

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