[Fuego] Kernel 4.14 test results on porter

Liu, Wenlong liuwl.fnst at cn.fujitsu.com
Fri Jan 12 07:50:19 UTC 2018

Hi, friends

Porter board has been used for evaluations and product development, and so did we.
I have done some tests and validation on the porter with the 4.14 kernel recently.
Glad to expand this test results to Renesas Kernel Team.
I also CCed the Fuego Team, because the latest Fuego was used to do such a overall test and I also want to share the test results to them.

The following tests have been done:
1. Functional.LTP: syscalls fs fsx dio io mm ipc math nptl pty admin_tools timers commands sched crashme
2. Most Functional&Benchmark tests in Fuego
3. BSP drivers tests

According to test log, it seems that there no big issue, but:
1. In order to boot successfully, I have to use the nfs or sdx as the rootfs(it seems that the mmc can't be used).
2. Benchmark.netpipe failed, error msg as below:
   Send and receive buffers are 16384 and 87380 bytes
   (A bug in Linux doubles the requested buffer sizes)
   Using a perturbation value of 2

For the drivers test, I have checked this repository[1].
The BSP driver tests have been done on porter, but there are many failed cases than I thought.
It seems that those configurations and tests are not very clear to me yet.
So, who can tell me how to do those tests properly on porter?
(@Fuego, maybe those BSP driver tests could also be added into Fuego in the future)

The test result format of the attachment is same with the shared report of Khiem-san before. Thanks.


[1] https://github.com/Jinzai-solution/SALVATOR_SHELL

Best regards

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