[Fuego] LTP prechecks

Daniel Sangorrin daniel.sangorrin at toshiba.co.jp
Tue Jan 30 09:59:18 UTC 2018

Hi Tim,

I send you a batch of patches that do various prechecks and
autogenerate a skiplist when you run LTP on a target.
The list is not exhausitive yet but I'd like to have a first
review and hopefully have other members contribute with
their experencies or knowledge.

[PATCH 01/18] need_check: correct errata
[PATCH 02/18] need_check: cache the kconfig file
[PATCH 03/18] need_check: no need for testing if the file exists
[PATCH 04/18] need_check: check_kconfig should return 1 on first
[PATCH 05/18] LTP: we need root permissions
[PATCH 06/18] LTP: patch runtests before running
[PATCH 07/18] LTP: reduce the time required for two more tests
[PATCH 08/18] LTP: put the skiplist on the log directory
[PATCH 09/18] LTP: show the generated skiplist file on the jenkins
[PATCH 10/18] LTP: skip a few problematic tests for now
[PATCH 11/18] LTP: add tests to skip if tmp is mounted on tmpfs
[PATCH 12/18] LTP: skip tests that depend on specific kernel commits
[PATCH 13/18] LTP: skip tests depending on the architecture
[PATCH 14/18] LTP: skip tests depending on the target kernel config
[PATCH 15/18] LTP: skip tests that depend on unavailable commands
[PATCH 16/18] LTP: skip tests depending on the config.h generated by
[PATCH 17/18] LTP: add note about typical LTP build failure on arm
[PATCH 18/18] LTP: remove trailing space


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