[Fuego] Compose letter

Daniel Sangorrin daniel.sangorrin at toshiba.co.jp
Mon Jun 4 07:39:35 UTC 2018

Hi Tim,

# Something went wrong with my --compose letter so I
reproduce it below.

I hope you enjoyed your holidays and are not suffering
post-vacation blues because I'm sending a long list of
patches that touch core parts of fuego ;).

The most important modifications are:
  - Switch to calling ftc from Jenkins (finally!)
     - added proper test flag (reboot, rebuild, timeout) support to 
       add-jobs and run-tests.
  - Implement dynamic variables (finally as well!)
     - now you can modify the spec variables on the fly, useful
       to create scripts that may test boundaries, do some fuzzying etc
     - all specs are now stored in the logdir for packaging (the "static"
       spec is stripped out and stored on the logdir as well)
     - An example of using dynamic vars: ftc run-test -b arinc -t Benchmark.Dhrystone -s default --dynamic-vars "{'LOOPS':'400000000'}"
     - The idea is that you select a spec as the base (eg: "default" in this case) and then you provide a dictionary-like string to override the values you consider suitable.

I tried to divide the patches in logical units as much as possible
but sometimes it may have missed some bits. Sorry.


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