[Fuego] quiet vs verbose

Daniel Sangorrin daniel.sangorrin at toshiba.co.jp
Wed Jun 13 06:12:14 UTC 2018

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> > I am trying to move from ftc manual argument parsing into argparse.
> > Why do we have quiet, debug and verbose variables?
> > Are they all necessary?
> They serve different purposes.
> The main intent of 'quiet' is to cause ftc to produce machine-readable output.
> This is for things like lists, the elements of which would be used to do additional
> queries or operations, possibly under web-based control.  it is intended
> to remove human-friendly "decorations" on the output.  'quiet' is for
> automating use of 'ftc'.
> The main intent of 'verbose' is to cause ftc to produce more user-oriented
> human-readable content (with more information about operations being
> performed, or nicer indentation, etc.)
> The main intent of 'debug' is for out-of-the-ordinary messages, which are
> only interesting to developers (or end users desperate to see why something
> is going wrong).   Usually, I don't advertise the --debug option for my
> command line tools (that is, I don't mention it in the help).  Now
> that --debug is coalescing with FUEGO_DEBUG, it somewhat complicates
> this particular flag and it's meaning.
> I don't know how this squares with what you want to do with argparse.
> Only some routines use quiet, but we can make these flags all global, and
> just have them have no effect when they don't make any sense.
> Let me know what you think.
>  -- Tim

Thanks for the explanation.

What do you think about these usage?

default: machine readable output (like previous "quiet")
-q: no output at all
-v: verbose (like previous "not quiet")
-vv: more verbose (like previous "verbose")
-vvv: ftc debug messages (like previous "debug")
--debug: parameter for FUEGO_DEBUG that has no effect on ftc (passed only to add-jobs and run-test)


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