[Fuego] quiet vs verbose

Daniel Sangorrin daniel.sangorrin at toshiba.co.jp
Thu Jun 28 07:21:29 UTC 2018

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> On Tue, Jun 12, 2018 at 11:12 PM, Daniel Sangorrin
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> > What do you think about these usage?
> >
> > default: machine readable output (like previous "quiet")
> > -q: no output at all
> This is probably better, as that's what most users would expect
> > -v: verbose (like previous "not quiet")
> > -vv: more verbose (like previous "verbose")
> > -vvv: ftc debug messages (like previous "debug")
> > --debug: parameter for FUEGO_DEBUG that has no effect on ftc (passed only to
> add-jobs and run-test)
> I like some of these distinctions, but would prefer the following:
> -q: no output at all.

Thinking twice, the user can always redirect output to /dev/null. For that reason, we don't really need this option, do we?

> (no options): same as now (human readable, non-verbose)
> -v: same as now (human readable, verbose)
> -v-: what -q used to be (machine readable, or "not verbose")

humm It looks a bit weird to me.
How about --machine-readable? (explicit, long but easy to understand)
Note: using --machine-readable and -v or --debug at the same time should give an error?

> --debug xx: used for debug, but with one bit reserved for ftc internal
> debug (16)
> (so, '--debug 16' would be the equivalent of the old '--debug', and
> '--debug 31' would debug
> everything, including ftc.  Turning on flags for operations not performed (e.g.
> the parser debug flag, when you're doing 'ftc list-nodes', would have no effect.

I would rather separate the API from the implementation. For example, instead
of using bitmaps in the API we can use easy-to-remember words like "--debug ftc,parser,charting".
Then, it will be easy to change the implementation if we happen to run out of bits.


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