[Fuego] iperf3, ltp fixes

Tim.Bird at sony.com Tim.Bird at sony.com
Thu Mar 1 20:41:15 UTC 2018

Rather than ACK individual patches, which I have no comments
on, I'll put some responses here...

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Daniel Sangorrin
> I added a new test (iperf3) for testing network performance.
> I also updated LTP to the latest release and added a few
> things (please chech the patches).
> [PATCH 01/11] ltp: convert skiplist comments to messages
> [PATCH 02/11] ltp: skip readahead02 if tmp is using tmpfs
> [PATCH 03/11] ltp: check kconfig for swap and ssetmask tests
> [PATCH 04/11] ltp: skip ssetmask and socketcall on x86_64
> [PATCH 05/11] iozone: put asserts on test_pre_check
The above all look fine to me.  Patches added to my master.

> [PATCH 06/11] tests: add new iperf3
See comments in patch e-mail.  But this one is acked as is also.

> [PATCH 07/11] iperf3: add tarball
> [PATCH 08/11] ltp: update tarball
> [PATCH 09/11] ltp: adapt for the newest ltp
These look good.

> [PATCH 10/11] ltp: add cve testspec
Nice!!  Thanks.

> [PATCH 11/11] ltp: fix bug related to build-time skip tests
One comment on this in the patch e-mail thread.

Looks good.  All patches are applied and pushed.
 -- Tim

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