[Fuego] [PATCH 11/11] ltp: fix bug related to build-time skip tests

Daniel Sangorrin daniel.sangorrin at toshiba.co.jp
Fri Mar 2 01:41:08 UTC 2018

> >  function test_deploy {
> > +    if [ -f "${WORKSPACE}/${JOB_BUILD_DIR}/buildskipfile.txt" ]; then
> > +        echo "Appending tests skipped during the build phase to the skiplist."
> > +        cat "${WORKSPACE}/${JOB_BUILD_DIR}/buildskipfile.txt" >>
> > ${LOGDIR}/skiplist.txt
> > +    fi
> > +
> I'm worried about the skiplist, when we run the 'makepkg' or 'install' specs.
> Is it correct to not install these on the board, even when making (semi-)permanent
> installation of LTP on a board.

Well spotted!
I just sent a patch that should work on both specs (untested for now).

> For example, what if someone installs LTP, using a skiplist based on a kernel
> configuration, and then changes the kernel (with a different configuration) on
> the board.  There might be a mismatch between what's installed and what
> Fuego tries to run.
> Any ideas for avoiding this problem?  Maybe compare installed skiplist with
> generated skiplist at time of test?

I think this case would work fine because the kernel config would be checked on
test_pre_check and then the skiplist would be updated during test_deploy (of course
the user would need to run the test with a different spec than make_pkg or install).

By the way, I am thinking about introducing a new parameter that would cause the
test not to skip the test cases but to add a "possible explanation" for why the test cases
might have failed. For example, an extra column in the excel file, additional information
on the run.json file or a message to fuego's log.


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