[Fuego] [PATCH 0/2] Install Fuego Release Test dependencies

Guilherme Campos Camargo guicc at profusion.mobi
Mon Mar 5 22:38:59 UTC 2018

Hello, Tim.

I was talking to @barbieri and we were thinking that due to the issues that
we're currently going through with a new repo that extends fuego-base (most
probably due to docker version incompatibilities), it would be more productive
if we kept working in two fronts from now on:

- Primay: One that's focused on the Fuego meta-test itself (using SeleniumHQ
and Pexpect - for ftc commands)

- Secondary: Focused on the fuego-release-test - that extends fuego-base,
install dependencies, and adds the tests through an overlay - and that might
be used in the future for users to add their own
tests/dependencies/toolchains to Fuego in what seems to be a more
extendable/reusable way.

Under the scope of the Primary front:

- We wrote a new patch that only implements the minimal changes needed on Fuego
for installing the test dependencies. You will see that the part that changes
fuego is short, consisting of just a few additions.

- We also have a new patch that will actually add the new Functional.fuegotest
to fuego-core, as usual, so that you can focus on reviewing/testing it - not
being blocked by docker or environment issues. Currently there are just a few
helper functions and tests implemented (employing Pexpect and SeleniumHq),
but we plan to add many more during this week.

I'm sending those two patches to the list for review.

Thank you!

Guilherme Campos Camargo (1):
  Install Fuego Release Test dependencies and add fuego-test board

Guilherme Iscaro (1):
  Do not use httpredir.debian.org links.

 Dockerfile                                         | 50 +++++++++++++++++++++-
 fuego-host-scripts/docker-create-container.sh      |  1 +
 .../docker-create-usb-privileged-container.sh      |  1 +
 fuego-ro/boards/fuego-test.board                   | 13 ++++++
 setup/apt/sources/fuego-debian-jessie.list         |  4 +-
 5 files changed, 66 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 fuego-ro/boards/fuego-test.board


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