[Fuego] [PATCH 0/2] Install Fuego Release Test dependencies

Tim.Bird at sony.com Tim.Bird at sony.com
Thu Mar 8 20:39:24 UTC 2018

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> From: Guilherme Campos Camargo
> I was talking to @barbieri and we were thinking that due to the issues that
> we're currently going through with a new repo that extends fuego-base
> (most
> probably due to docker version incompatibilities), it would be more
> productive
> if we kept working in two fronts from now on:
> - Primay: One that's focused on the Fuego meta-test itself (using
> SeleniumHQ
> and Pexpect - for ftc commands)
> - Secondary: Focused on the fuego-release-test - that extends fuego-base,
> install dependencies, and adds the tests through an overlay - and that might
> be used in the future for users to add their own
> tests/dependencies/toolchains to Fuego in what seems to be a more
> extendable/reusable way.
> Under the scope of the Primary front:
> - We wrote a new patch that only implements the minimal changes needed
> on Fuego
> for installing the test dependencies. You will see that the part that changes
> fuego is short, consisting of just a few additions.
> - We also have a new patch that will actually add the new
> Functional.fuegotest
> to fuego-core, as usual, so that you can focus on reviewing/testing it - not
> being blocked by docker or environment issues. Currently there are just a
> few
> helper functions and tests implemented (employing Pexpect and
> SeleniumHq),
> but we plan to add many more during this week.

I think it is a very good ideas to separate these activities.
Sorry I got behind a bit on my patch review.  I'll look at these
patches today.

 -- Tim

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