[Fuego] [PATCH 00/11] Add Fuego Functional.fuegotest

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Thu Mar 8 21:32:40 UTC 2018

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> Subject: [Fuego] [PATCH 00/11] Add Fuego Functional.fuegotest
> Hello, Tim
> Please see a few more commits that have been added to
> Functional.fuegotest.
> They include bug-fixes and some new tests (Shell and Selenium).
> Not sure if you had the chance to take a look at my previous patches yet, but
> if not, please consider using these one instead.
> There are many commits, but most of them are pretty small. Please feel
> free to ask me to squash some of them if you prefer.
> To run these, you will need to checkout the `fuego-test` branch from
> Profusion's fuego and fuego-core forks and then simply use fuego as usual to
> add the fuego-test board and the Functional.fuegotest test.
> In summary:
> On host:
> git clone --branch fuego-test https://bitbucket.org/profusionmobi/fuego-
> core.git
> git clone --branch fuego-test https://bitbucket.org/profusionmobi/fuego.git
> cd fuego
> ./install.sh
> ./fuego-host-scripts/docker-remove-container.sh
> ./fuego-host-scripts/docker-create-container.sh
> ./fuego-host-scripts/docker-start-container.sh

The build worked.

> In fuego:
> ftc add-nodes fuego-test
> ftc add-jobs -b fuego-test -t Functional.fuegotest

these worked.
> Then you will be able to start the test through Jenkins and see the results.
Running the test in jenkins resulted in the log that's attached.

 -- Tim
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