[Fuego] [PATCH v2] iperf3: manage mutual exclusion when using the same server

Tim.Bird at sony.com Tim.Bird at sony.com
Sun Mar 25 15:37:11 UTC 2018

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> From: Tim.Bird 
> Daniel,
> Just a quick note on this and your dbench patches.  I didn't have time
> to do a full review or test these on Friday, but at a quick glance they look
> OK.  I'll try to get to them on Monday.  Thanks for the patches!
> I did some big changes to 'ftc' to support execution outside the docker
> container, and I started to clean up some of the coding style issues in
> ftc as well.  I'll announce those early next week as well.
> I think we should have an e-mail discussion about priorities for the 1.3
> release next week.  I've seen some breakages that we need to go back
> and fix, before cutting a new release.  This release I experimented with
(sorry - email sent prematurely)

new toolchains, and the new release testing code by profusion, as well
as some new report generation stuff, and running ftc both inside
and outside the docker container.

We'll need to see which of those we should try to fix for the 1.3 release,
and which to postpone for a future release.  Probably the profusion stuff
will need to wait, as it's diverged a bit and I think it will be a big effort to
integrate it.
 -- Tim

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