[Fuego] New ftc features

Tim.Bird at sony.com Tim.Bird at sony.com
Tue Mar 27 04:39:11 UTC 2018

I recently committed a bunch of  enhancements for ftc.  Please check out the master
branch on bitbucket for details.

Here are the enhancements:
1) whitespace cleanups for ftc.  I made over 300 lines of changes to ftc to clean up
whitespace and other coding style issues.  This was based on running flake8
(a python syntax and coding style checker) on ftc.

2) I added a new test Functional.fuego_lint
fuego_lint runs flake8 on ftc and reports coding style errors.
The intent is to add additional coding style checkers to this test, but we're starting with
just checking ftc for python hygiene.  There are multiple issues with ftc still
outstanding (over 300, I believe), but it is already improved.

3) add fuego-ro/conf/fuego.conf
ftc now reads fuego.conf to obtain the value of some global variables used for testing.
For now, the variables supported are:
host_name - indicates the name of your fuego host
fuego_server - indicates the domain name of an upstream fuego server
fuego_ro_dir, fuego_rw_dir, fuego_core_dir - indicates paths to these directories.

See the fuego.conf file for some descriptions of these options

You can specify an alternate config file with the global '-c <conf_path>' option to ftc.

4) added 'ftc config' command
This can be used to get the value for an ftc config option.  This is used by the core
scripts (in common.sh) to retrieve config values that were not passed in environment

Right now, this is only used to read the values.

5) add ftc '-x' option.

When this option is set, if ftc is running outside the container, it will not
try to shift to running inside the container.  When used in conjunction with
the '-c' option to specify the path to the config file, this allows you to do
some Fuego operations without using the container.  For example you can
do 'ftc list-runs' and 'ftc gen-report'.  It is required that you have installed
on your host all the required python libraries that ftc might import.  And there
are a lot of these.

There are help descriptions for these new options in ftc.  (use 'ftc help')

If you have questions about the purpose of any of these, or how to use them,
please feel free to ask.

 -- Tim

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